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Since our sanctuary is made of of many senior and handicap animals we are in need of monetary donations to cover their veterinary needs, special diets and medications.


  • Equine Needs: Equine feed and needs are always the most expensive and in the winter many times the expenses double. This is an area that needs your help!
    Grass hay
    Elk Grove Senior grass hay pellets
    Equine senior feed Equine boots for older horses with sensitive feet. - contact Phil Morrare @ 530-533-7669
    Fly masks (we are always in need of these)
    Horse stall mats

  • Reptiles: Aspen wood shavings

  • Birds: Zupreme pellets Bird toys for parrots

  • Large and small Dogs:
    Dog food - 4Health- grain-free as many of our guys are seniors and most are allergic to grain.

  • Cats: Cat food- 4Health- (canned and dry food) good for seniors and overall health issues.
    Cat litter

  • Gift certificates/payments to feed stores and vets:
    Tractor Supply (Gift certificate to vet or payment towards vet bills: (we visit the vet offices often since we have senior and special needs animals.)
    Whispering Pines Pet Clinic - Dr. Niklos Weber, DMV 14632 Skyway Magalia, CA 95954 (530)-873-1136
    Valley Equine - Dr. Ellie Tortosa Yuba City, CA (530)-701-9598
  • Misc: Towels (always in demand here)
    Chain link fencing/kennels
    Pipe stall panels
    Horse shelters Building materials: Since we have several elderly equines we try to make their enclosures and living areas as sheltered and safe from the elements as possible. It is difficult to do this without supplies. Thank you!!!!

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