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"Barney and CPR volunteer, Chuck and friends from "Career Day" at Gray Ave Middle School. Thank you for loving Barney and supporting our mission!!"


Barney was found on the streets of the city alone and lost. He was blind when they found him and would not walk on a leash or go anywhere. He would freeze out of fear. When they got him to Sutter County Animal Shelter he was examined and it was confirmed that he was blind due to Glaucoma. No one claimed poor Barney. Sweet Officer Skinner had a very soft spot for Barney and thanks to her that is how he got his wonderful name. She will always be remembered as an angel to Barney and us all here. She took such wonderful care of him when he needed so much! An awesome local rescue group (ResQpaws) stepped in and began to share his information in hopes they would find him a good home, and someone to work with and accept his disability. They were very particular about what home he went to. Barney arrived here at Critter Pass Ranch very happy but afraid, as you can imagine. We have worked with him and now he is thriving and learning to trust us as we take him Barney1places to socialize him and let him know that people really CAN be trusted! Though hecan't see the smiles on the faces of people who meet him, he "feels" them like no othersighted person or animal can. He is truly an angel and will continue to bless all who meet him. Yes, he does stick his tongue out all the time. We think it is just too big for his mouth. He makes us laugh for sure!!

Barney is available for programs for your schools etc... Please contact us for more info. @ Critterpassranch@yahoo.com  

UPDATE: Barney has a new "seeing eye dog!" Yes! Chrissy has come into Barney's life just in time! She leads him on runs in the park and all around the ranch! Here they are... the new "team!" and how we love to see them at work! They are both such happy souls and our hearts could not be more full of love!!





Chrissy is the service dog for “Barney The Blind Dog.” Chrissy appeared on the side of the road one day about 2 weeks after the passing of my dear friend. I stopped after my oldest son and I spotted her as we drove by her on the side of the road. We both gasped in disbelief as I turned around and pulled over. I walked up to her and she never moved. I kissed her on the head immediately. She never ran from me or flinched. She allowed me to pick her up and put her into the back of the truck without any struggle. She was sore from obvious trauma. She limped and appear tired. I called the ASPCA and reported that we found her. I took her to our vet and scanned her for a micro chip. She did, in fact, have a chip. But it was not registered to anyone. I began trying to figure out her name. I called her every name you could imagine with no response what-so-ever. I decided that it was obvious that I was not finding a special enough name, as she was clearly VERY special. I see so much when I look into her eyes. So after going through so many animal names the name of my dear friend who had just passed away came blurting out of my mouth (as her passing was still fresh). "Chrissy?" Her response was immediate! That was her name! Brings me to tears still.... As to how she became a seeing eye dog for a dog...A day or so after we had picked her up I was taking both of them in the truck. As I was going out the door Barney The Blind Dog was not cooperating well walking out the door. My hands were full and Chrissy was ready to go so I clipped them together and had her pull him out. He trusted her lead right away and began to follow her. Barney senses her leading immediately and always follows her when needed! It appears Chrissy was not sent here by accident. Barney and Chrissy have visited many people and places now and they get so much attention and love! They will both live here as part of our family until the end.... We love them so dearly.”  - Claire and Ron Pass




While working with another rescue helping to free some horses from auction we happened to walk by this beautiful girl. She was in a stall with a saddle on. Her kind eye caught our attention immediately. We couldn't leave without her. You could tell she was an older gal but that didn't matter at all. She was suppose to come home with us and we had no doubt. I sat on her briefly and then scrounged around for the money to give the seller before she was run through the actual auction to be auctioned off to, most likely, a "kill buyer." Kill buyers are individuals that buy horses and sell them to slaughter houses. I gave him the money (later finding out that he was a horse trader). He removed the saddle revealing her sway back. I didn't care. But the potential buyers in the auction would have cared and she would have likely not been bid on but by the kill buyers. At the point that I first saw her she was already a part of the ranch and I couldn't wait to get her home and comfortable.

We took Lily home that night. She was vaccinated and vetted. She was diagnosed with Cushings disease and has been and will be on medication for the duration of her life. She was aged at about 18 years at that time. Now in 2013 she is about 26 and though a senior,her bonded pasture mate Diamond keeps her company and happy. She is still a sweet soul and loves to run with the others every chance she gets! 

This is the part where I need to make something very clear; we do NOT support animal auctions of any kind and no longer attend even to help others. That being said, if there is an emergency situation and an animal needs us we will do all we can to help. In the cases in the past where we attended auctions and did help with rescues, we do no regret our involvement as that one animal that we did save was likely saved from inhumane slaughter. We do not "buy" animals but there are times when we do need to do what we feel is best for the animal. It matters to that one.





Many of you know that Facebook is a huge part of how many people help animals. That is no exception when it came to Peanut. Facebook proved to be an important tool to save her life. Here is her story:

As I opened up Facebook one morning I became aware of a photo that we were tagged in. There was a picture of this poor little dog with a very sad and sunken in snout. The story was one of the owners pulling her teeth out at home and then looking for a home for her because they had a younger dog and she barked a lot and required a lot of attention.Peanut 2

I immediately touched base with who I needed to and drove the drive to Sacramento to pick up this poor baby. Her foster mom had taken her to the vet and had the remainder of her diseased teeth pulled successfully. She still had a terrible smell coming from her mouth that would eventually go away as the infection did. Later we had several scary episodes with her as she crashed and we needed to make emergency trips to the vet clinic. The last time was the worst as she appeared to most, to already be, a corpse. She was barely breathing. But we rushed her into our vet (Whispering Pines Pet Clinic) and by the end of the day she was back with us! Her diagnosis was a tough one to figure out. It was discovered she has a form of Addison's Disease. With monitoring and daily timed medication and monthly injections she is now quite healthy and vital! Peanut
Peanut enjoys sleeping under the covers with mommy and her doggie siblings. She is able to eat hard dog food with the rest of the gang and enjoys all the food she can get a hold of! She fits wonderfully into our sanctuary and brings so much joy to our days!









More Animal profiles coming soon.....


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