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About Us

IguanaWe at Critter Pass Ranch Refuge and Sanctuary are dedicated to helping as many animals as possible by giving forever homes to as many as possible and  educating society about animal care and animal welfare. We believe our "family" has been sent down our road to find peace and love and we feel blessed that we are able to provide as much of this as possible! We will do our best to treat these precious gifts as the ULITIMATE gifts that they are. We are so humbled by our gifts. Animals live here as part of our family in their last and "forever home" while they continue to educate society today about them, and what we can all do to help others like them!! Thanks for stopping by and come back again to see updates! Our family includes iguanas, turtles, a tortoise, goats, birds, horses, cats, dogs, chickens and many more. Some of our "kids" are handicap and some are not. We also have several chickens who love to be held and loved on. Do you know what most chickens go through daily on factory farms and even in private homes? We are dedicated to educating others about animals and how we can help as many as possible! They are all special to us! We believe in helping others who are involved with helping animals. Therefore we provide as much information about our "friends" as possible. THAT is what we are all here for and if we band together we can educate many people about animals and in that way it will be possible to help them! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! BELIEVE!!!!!!!!! Critter Pass Ranch is a "Not for Profit" organization. It takes more than $2000 per month to keep all our residents healthy and happy. We both have jobs and support all the residents ourselves. All donations sent to us go directly to supplying our residents with basic needs such as food, bedding, and medical care. Your help will allow us to spend more time educating the public and helping us rescue more so that animals will get the attention and help they need and deserve! Please visit our Animals Available For Adoption page for a way you can help animals personally! Thanks for stopping by and come back again to see updates! Please help us help animals by taking the poll below to help us make this site more user friendly etc...And/or PLEASE email us with your comments! All your efforts and time are so appreciated! THANK YOU!!!

Ron & ClaireClaire and Ron Pass founded Critter Pass Ranch after years of being sent many special "gifts" through, what they feel is, "divine intervention." They feel these special animals/souls have all been sent down their road by no mistake what-so-ever.
As a small child, Claire was drawn to all animals everywhere she went. When Claire was nowhere to be found everyone would automatically know where to look-wherever the closest cat, dog. racoon, squirrel etc... was. Claire has worked in the veterinary field as a veterinary assistant and owned a successful pet sitting business for many years. Claire was also on the board of directors at a local humane society for a period of time until a major move to a different state was in order. These jobs helping animals and their owners were wonderful but she still did not feel fulfilled. The times she became fulfilled the most was when she combined her work with rescued animals and at-risk children, children with developmental disabilities and children in general. She is now a "Humane Educator" and she feels that God has given her this passion and her "calling" finally became clear.
Ron took baby birds, frogs, (and any other small animal he could smuggle into his care) to bed with him to keep them safe as a child. As an adult, Ron camped in Yosemite only to wake with a raccoon curled up at the foot of his sleeping bag. Ron attracted the neighborhood animals including Scooter who became "his" cat as the neighbors were just happy that he was safe and were content to know that Scooter was happy with "Uncle Ronnie." Whiskey" (a cat in a local shelter) stretched out his arm as his (unbeknownst to Ron) new "daddy" walked past.


Claire & Ron

When Claire and Ron met through family and friends, neither suspected that they would begin a new life together 3 years later. Around the time of 9/11/2001 they found themselves "hanging out" as they did after 3 years of being friends. Ron lived in CA and Claire in ME. "This was the time God changed our lives forever. As he did for many at this time, he showed us what was important in our lives." Claire said. In February of 2002 they married and Claire moved to CA. Shortly after that they began to realize what God had in store for them.

The couple, after a series of moves, is back in the state of CA. They now dedicate their lives to the care of many animals in their home and educating children and society about the care of animals and how they are not disposable but creatures that deserve our love and the best care possible.